Shareholders of WL BANK. The Structure.

WL BANK is organised in the legal form of a stock corporation. The executive bodies of this corporation are the Annual General Meeting, the Supervisory Board and three Advisory Boards as a connecting link to shareholders and customers.


Shareholders are the DZ BANK (90,92%), the foundation Stiftung Westfälische Landschaft (4,62%) and 94 Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken (4,46 %).

The foundation Stiftung Westfälische Landschaft was established in 1987 in the wake of the transformation of former Bodenkreditbank “Westfälische Landschaft” into WL BANK.

A Domination and Profit-/Loss-Transfer Agreement exists between DZ BANK and WL BANK. In December 2013 the equity capital waiver was reported towards the supervisory authority.