Family-friendly Offers

The demands on employees are steadily increasing. Family or job? Our employees do not have to choose between children and work. They are in the right place at the right time: They perform well on the job and show responsibility in the family.

We attach great importance to female competence – without any quotas. Keeping female employees loyal to us means supporting them. At all stages of their lives. Approximately 50% of our employees are women. Equal opportunities and integration – this is family-friendly employment.

As a member of the nationwide corporate network success factor family, we support the exchange of business on family-conscious personnel policy.

Flexible Working Hours and Family-friendly Offers

We set flexible framework conditions. You find the right balance between family and work. Your motivation grows. You work more efficiently. This is also our company’s success.

What Family-friendly Means to Us:

  • Flexible working time regulations as well as individual part-time working models
    (job sharing etc.)
  • Assisted return to work after parental leave
  • Child care exchange (in planning)
  • Parent/child room in our headquarters in Münster
  • Child care during holidays
  • Contacts during parental leave
  • Family day

U3 Child Day Care. For the Children of Our Employees


Together with Sparkasse Münsterland Ost and in cooperation with the youth welfare office, we offer our employees day care for children under the age of three (U3). The U3 day care facility under the name of "Der kleine Däumling" ("Little Thumbling") is situated nearby WL BANK. Between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., two certified pre-school teachers look after nine children. This allows our employees to better combine family and career. 

Holiday Care. For the Children of Our Employees

During school holidays, we offer our own professionally managed holiday care for the children of our employees. During their parents’ working hours at the nearby WL BANK headquarters in Münster.

Holiday care for children

Working place for parents and kids

The reasons for a loss of a planned child care are different. To find a short-term care options before work or in the course of the working day, is difficult and often expensive .Therefore , we have a parent-child room at our headquarters in Münster, where together with the child professional tasks can be handled at a workplace.

Working place for parents and kids

Breakfast for parents

We regularly organize a common breakfast for parents take parental leave . The aim is to promote mutual exchange and to keep in touch with the company and the employees.

Breakfast for parents (S. Schild with child)