Why WL BANK? What our employees have experienced.

This is what our employees say about WL BANK. Impressed and convinced by their experience. Find more evaluations at the leading employer evaluation platform kununu.

Ludger Kortemeyer-Lanvers
Head of Real Estate Loan Business, Services
A bank that allows you to participate in shaping things and encourages “creative thinking”. A bank with a long tradition, great curiosity and optimism for the future. I like to work here and have done so for more than 20 years now!

Alexander Lethen
Regional Director real estate investors

With its team spirit, flexibility, short ways, “ear for the market” and strong basis of trust, WL BANK offers me the best conditions for establishing long-term customer relations.   






Margit Benning

Loan Officer  

I have been working for WL BANK for some years now. It was very easy for me to return to work as a part-time employee after taking a one-year maternity leave. I work in my former area of responsibility with the same interesting and varied tasks as during the time when I was working in full-time employment. So I can tell from my own experience that WL BANK is a family-friendly company. It even offers daycare services and holiday care for school children. This provides me with the flexibility to combine family and job.


Britta Speckmann
Head of interest rate management

For me, WL BANK means being happy to go to work each day. WL BANK’s size enables me to further develop myself and gain experience in various interesting assignments. Our young team places great emphasis on collegiality and a friendly atmosphere - both across departments and across hierarchies. The lively team spirit and fairness in dealing with each other are motivating and lead to a high degree of identification with WL BANK as an employer.